Small Town Lovin’

Whenever I’m online, looking for that next great place to visit, I always come across these crazy, nice, extravagant locations. Places that for sure will take your breath away. But sometimes there are places that are just as great that you would least expect. Sometimes, there are small towns in the middle of nowhere that are just as breathtaking. You have to give these hard-to-find towns some much-needed attention. It is a must!


In my experience, I’ve come across some pretty exciting and homey little towns across the U.S. Some of these places I just stumbled upon by accident. Small towns give you that peaceful, relaxing feeling that you don’t get in big cities. The quiet open space is something what we all need from time to time. I’ve lived in both a big city and a small town. Even though I do prefer a big city, for the most part, it’s always nice to go back to that little town and take a breather from the craziness that a big city throws at you. Small towns have these little treasures that might surprise you.


One place that I love to go to is Lawrence, Kansas. Now I know this place is not really that small of a town, but it gives off that feeling of being in a small community. The fact that it’s a college town for the University of Kansas really changes the dynamic of the city.  It has that small town feel even after being a bigger city than average size towns in the area. The one thing I’ve learned from spending time in Lawrence is that you have to just explore. Exploring small towns is the best way to go. Make sure you have someone driving you around so that you make a stop at all the awesome places in town. Renting a limo would be your best bet. Experience the town in style! Make it memorable.


I’ve experiences some pretty cool things that a small town has to offer. I remember when I went to my first drive-in theater. I love going to the movie theaters, but a drive-in was a whole new experience for me. It was definitely different and a lot of fun. I had the best time ever. It reminded me of Grease when the whole gang is at the movie theater and Danny is being kind of bogus to Sandy while their sitting in the car watching the movie on the screen.  I get a little upset because I had a thing for Sandy back then. Even though the movie Grease came out exactly ten years before my birthday. I still love watching when it comes on tv.

Other things you might find in small towns are town fairs or festivals. This is where the whole town gets together and you get to see what it looks like to be a part of a close nit community. Festivals in a small town or big city are always a blast. That small town feeling is always a great change of pace.

small town festival

So go out and find a small town near you and explore. See what it has to offer. You might be amazed by how much fun you can find packed into a small town in the middle of nowhere. Do some research and discover a little town near you that has giant character. Something new like this might be what you need to get away from the everyday grind. Spend a weekend in this town. Whether if for your cool drive-in experience or for that small town festival, you’ll be sure to find something that will make your weekend memorable and fun.

Let me know what places you discover that turn out outstanding!!


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